About us – the way we work

At Aedesia, our service is focused on supporting our clients to grow and become more successful.

Our business comes primarily through introductions from the professional community and we value our strong relationships with our referrers, working collaboratively with them to the benefit of our clients.

Central to the way we work is to understand exactly what it is that makes each business tick – how it operates, its objectives, its challenges, its unique character.

In this way, we are ideally placed to not only deliver a solution to an initial or immediate finance need – to fund organic growth, an acquisition or to address financial challenges – but also to provide ongoing support.

Working in association with other professionals, like accountants, we can take on a retained adviser role, keeping a watching brief over the business to monitor and police the progress of the funding package but also acting as expert eyes and ears to pick up early warning signs of potential difficulties

For more information about Aedesia’s finance solutions in Birmingham and the Midlands, please contact us.